Consultation / Patch Test £35. Payable on day of consultation. Fully refunded on day of treatment.

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Microbladed Eyebrows: £395 (includes 2 sessions)
Eyelash Enhancement: £150 (includes 2 sessions)
Eyeliner: (bottom) £200 (includes 2 sessions)
Eyeliner: (top) £250 (includes 2 sessions)
Eyeliner: (Top and Bottom) £400 (includes 2 sessions)
Lip liner: £400 (includes 2 sessions)
Full Lip: £600 (includes 2 sessions)

Beauty Spot: £50 (not eligible for discount)

Please note that you must have your 2nd treatment session within 2 months of your first treatment and that if any further sessions are required there will be a charge of £35 per session to be used within 3 months of your 1st treatment. I also offer a special Top-Up rate exclusively for my clients, of £250 on Eyebrows, Lips and combined Top and Bottom Liner and £150 on either Top or Bottom liner only.

Bank transfer or cash only please to be paid in full before the 1st treatment session.

Payment Details:
Account Name: Jan Jordan
Bank: Natwest
Sort Code: 60-11-08
Account Number: 16545311

Please use your full name as a reference.

Gift Certificates available for all treatments

Please contact me for more detailed information on prices

"In certain circumstances, i.e., if mobility is a problem, or you need to protect your anonymity, a "Home Visit" can be arranged. Please contact me for further information."